Get Organized by planning Activities

Planning activities is the perfect way to keep on track with your work. Get reminded of what needs to be done and schedule the next activities to undertake.

It is easy to manage your priorities.

Activities can be planned and managed from the chatters or in the kanban views. Here is an example for opportunities :

Set your activity types

A number of generic activities types are available by default in Melivo (e.g. call, email, meeting, etc.). If you would like to set new ones, go to Settings ‣ General settings ‣ Activity types.

Schedule meetings

Activities are planned for specific days. If you need to set hours, go with the Meeting activity type. When scheduling one, the calendar will simply open to let you select a time slot.

Schedule a chain of activities to follow

Melivo helps you easily plan your usual flow of activities. Go to Configuration ‣ Activity Types and set the common following steps as Recommended next activities.

Now, when an activity is completed, you can select Done & schedule next. The next steps will automatically be suggested to you.

Have fun getting better organized by planning activities !