Invoice based on delivered or ordered quantities


Depending on your business and what you sell, you have two options for invoicing:

  • Invoice on ordered quantity: invoice the full order as soon as the sales order is confirmed.
  • Invoice on delivered quantity: invoice on what you delivered even if it’s a partial delivery.

Invoice on ordered quantity is the default mode.

The benefits of using Invoice on delivered quantity depends on your type of business, when you sell material, liquids or food in large quantities the quantity might diverge a little bit and it is therefore better to invoice the actual delivered quantity.

Decide the policy on a product page

From any products page, under the invoicing tab you will find the invoicing policy and select the one you want.

Send the invoice

Once you confirm the sale, you can see your delivered and invoiced quantities.

If you set it in ordered quantities, you can invoice as soon as the sale is confirmed. If however you selected delivered quantities, you will first have to validate the delivery.

Once the products are delivered, you can invoice your customer. Melivo Dynamics will automatically add the quantities to invoice based on how many you delivered if you did a partial delivery.